The five strangest things our clients found in their freezer

Here at Sirwin, we have a long list of satisfied customers. Some bought their fridges and freezers outright, while others rent them on a monthly or even weekly basis. We asked some of our clients about the strangest things they’ve ever found in their freezers, and the answers might surprise you!

Claudia from Albany

I once found my TV remote control in my freezer. I had disappeared one night when I came home drunk. Couldn’t find it for days, it drove me mad. And it was a Sky remote, so I couldn’t record things, pause the movie I was watching, watch old shows I’d taped. I tore the house apart looking for it, searched every inch, even took my sofa apart. Then I found it beside the Haggen-dazs.

Steve from Botany

We once found a bicycle in our walk-in-freezer. One of our waiters used to cycle to work, and he’d leave it locked up outside. Then one day one of the lads thought it would be funny to hide it in the freezer and pretend it had been stolen. Problem was, the lad went and reported it before we could let him in on the joke! He put an insurance claim in and bought a new one. By that time we couldn’t give it back so it just sat there for months behind the Spag-bol.

Romelu from Manukau

I had the fright of my life once opening the fridge and found a dead animal. I thought it must have crawled in somehow, but when I looked closer it turned out to be my wee girl’s stuffed toy. I’ve never been so happy to see Tigger!

Albert from Mt Albert

I once found a framed photograph in my freezer. It was of Benito Mussolini, the founder of Facism, Dictator of Italy and conqueror of Abyssinia. No idea how it got there.

Dr Roberts from Rosedale

When I was a medical student, I came home one night, opened up the fridge and found a severed hand. My fellow medical student flatmates thought it would be funny to have it holding a can of my Speights.