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Cool Rooms

We sell and lease cool rooms, designed and manufactured to the highest quality. Keep your produce fresh with a temperature controlled cool room!

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Walk-in Freezers

Perfect for restaurants and any business that needs to store food for long periods of time. Our commercial freezers can be rented by the week.

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Glass fronted fridges, under bench chillers, large refrigerated cabinets… we have them all. designed and built for all types of business and all types of product.

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Cool Rooms with Sirwin Refrigeration!

Sirwin Refrigeration Ltd in Auckland specialises in the design, leasing and installation of cool rooms and walk-in freezers.

With a longstanding reputation as an experienced manufacturer of cool rooms, and known as one of the top refrigeration companies in New Zealand, Sirwin can find the perfect refrigeration unit for your business.

Our cool rooms are tailored to meet your unique requirements, and are manufactured by experienced staff and are built of the highest quality materials. Famous for their outstanding customer service, Sirwin have several experienced crews servicing customers in Auckland and throughout the North Island. With over a quarter of a century experience with refrigeration, we understand the importance and the subtly of each customers unique needs.

We’re there with you from the start; from the initial design and advice, through to installation and maintenance. Call us today if you’ve any questions about refrigeration, and how it can help your business.