Does your business need a walk in freezer?

Whether you run a dairy, restaurant or bar – Sirwin Refrigeration can provide you with a walk in freezer that perfectly suits your business’ needs.Save money, cut down on overheads and help your business get off to the best possible start by calling us!

Products that have a use by date need to be kept in a very specific temperature-controlled environment. No company can afford to take the risk of losing out on their produce. A walk in freezer makes it easy for you to monitor your products and run your business without having to worry about food spoiling.

A correctly installed walk in freezer can increase your bottom line at the end of the month. Stock that is spoiled or damaged due to problems with cold storage can cost you and your company a lot of money. Even the smallest temperature rise can make your products vulnerable to losing their quality or may even cause them to become completely unusable. A walk in freezer can eliminate that risk and guarantee that you can fulfill your responsibilities to your customers.

A walk in freezer will allow you to store your products more efficiently, helping you to better monitor what comes in and what goes out. Storing all your produce in one place makes the transportation process a lot easier and cheaper, making your business run smoothly and more efficiently.

Sirwin are the guys to call is you need a walk in freezer.

A walk in freezer may need to be designed specifically for a particular business, and we can help. An ice-cream factory requires a different cold storage solution from a florist. Sirwin Refrigeration recognises individual refrigeration needs and offers a wide range of high-quality cold storage solutions.

Whether you are looking for walk in freezer, cool rooms, freezers, chillers, cabinets, cases or adequate air conditioning – Sirwin Refrigeration will help you determine what best suits your circumstances and supply you with the perfect refrigeration solution. Call us today if you have any questions. Our friendly and professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.