Cold Storage Solutions from Sirwin Refrigeration

Sirwin Refrigeration provide different types of cold storage solutions for every possible situation. Many business owners shy away from cold storage rooms, because they think that they cannot afford the installation and maintenance of something so large as a cool room. In fact, cold storage rooms are designed to save you money!

Cool Rooms use far less energy than ordinary domestic fridges, and by always keeping the temperature in check, you minimise the risk of losing out on sales due to lowered quality of your products. Your goods will have a longer life. No matter what kind of business you have, we have the perfect cold storage unit for you!



We have huge walk in freezers for you to either rent or buy. These can be used to store large amounts of produce for extended periods of time- perfect for large restaurants or food suppliers.

Cool Rooms


Again, available to buy or to lease, Sirwin’s cool Rooms are designed, built and maintained to the highest standards. With a choice of either hinged or sliding doors, our cold storage solutions are perfect for businesses with a fast turn-over in produce.



Our chillers are perfect for displaying produce for customers. Multi-door chillers with lighting systems installed, we can work with kitchen fitters to have these bad boys fit perfectly and look awesome!

Glass Door fridges


We sell new or used glass door fridges to help with your cold storage problems. Perfect for displaying drinks, bottles or food items.

Cabinets and Cases


These are designed for the display of fresh produce, such as meats, fish or vegetables. They come new or used, with a glass or Perspex display wall. We have different cabinets in different sizes, depending on your business’ unique needs.

So for all your cold storage needs, give Sirwin Refrigeration a call. We are the Auckland experts when it comes to refrigeration.