Does your business need a freezer room?

Many companies these days have a freezer room built to their specific requirements on their premises. No matter what your business, whether it’s a restaurant, pub or a simple dairy, Sirwin Refrigeration can help. We design, build and install freezer rooms of any size or shape, perfectly suited to your business’ needs.

A large commercial fridge that is unreliable could destroy your stock. If you’re in the food industry, a fully stocked freezer room could have tens of thousands of dollars worth of produce in it. A small business simply can’t afford to take the risk of a fridge that isn’t up to scratch and may break at any moment.

This temperature controlled environment is only possible through a freezer room. They’re simple to monitor and maintain, ensuring that your company’s lifeblood isn’t ruined. A few bucks today can save you thousands in the long term, not to mention the lack of stress. Professional walk in freezers help you keep track of stock coming and going, allowing you to maintain your business levels and help your business run smoothly.

Even the smallest temperature variance can affect your produce. Ruined stock doesn’t just give you a bad week or month financially, but could potentially end your business! A freezer room can decrease that risk significantly, helping your business grow and grow.

Refrigeration is the expertise of Sirwin. We’re an Auckland based company with years of experience in industrial refrigeration. From small fridges to large freezer rooms, we can help. After an initial consultation and design process, through to installation and aftercare, we are the experts on cold storage. You never have to worry about your food produce again.

For individually designed freezer rooms and other refrigeration needs, call Sirwin Refrigeration today and get a free quote. Our friendly and helpful staff will be only too happy to have a chat with you!